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How It Works?

Open PURIPIEL treatment is pores in the skin using pressure
  • Skin extended and pores opened up

Strong air pressure keeps pores open
  • Keep pores open with pressure

Deep facial cleansing with 70㎛ ultra-fine jet streams
  • Ultra-fine jet streams with a 360°rotating tip

Beneficial ingredients penetrated deep into the skin
  • Inner diameter hole of the tip

Tip vacuums waste from skin without any blockage
  • Outer diameter hole of the tip

Treatment Effectiveness
PURIPIEL is good for
Pore blocked by fine dust, wide pores
Frequent troubles due to excessive sebum secretion
Skin without elasticity
Wrinkled skin texture
Dull and dark skin texture
PURIPIEL treatment is
Short treatment time (5~10min.)
Induce strong dermal renewal
Recovery period not required
Improvement of various skin troubles
Immediate and visible results